Our electronic eye chart software was developed in multispecialty ophthalmology and optometrist setting. AcuityMaster permits you efficiently assess visual acuity and refract your patients in a precise, robust, yet affordable solution. If you’re still checking visual acuity with a Snellen only projector rather than a computer eye chart with a myriad of optotypes and settings that only a computerized visual acuity system can provide, such as ETDRS, contrast sensitivity, worth-dot four tests.
AcuityMaster permits the display of visual acuity in all popular formats including US 20/200, Metric 6/60, Logmar 1, and Decimal 0.1


Calibration (or setup) permits you to choose your preferred settings, such as the unit of measure, the distance between the AcuityMaster display and the patient, as well as select which movie clip to use.


In addition, to the Snellen vision chart, AcuityMaster also offers the color-correct worth-dot-four, Astigmatic and ETDRS.


In addition to the standard Snellen letter optotypes, AcuityMaster provides alternative optotypes to permit visual acuity assessment in a broad range of clinical situations. It can display pictures (we have updated recognizable images, such as a cell phone), Tumbling E, Landolt C, and Numbers.


Users can quickly change among several modes of display, single letter, single line versus multi-line display.


Take a look at our newly designed display pictures. Kids no longer recognize the traditional telephone – so we’ve replaced it with a cell phone! In addition, we have a hands-free (foot pedal) option to toggle the video clip- this is a great feature when you need your pediatric patients to fixate at the end of the room.



AcuityMaster can function in a mirror-mode, or standard – so you can display the AcuityMaster software either behind the patient using a mirror, or directly in front of the patient. It can also display crowding bars, red-green overlay, and various levels of decreased contrast.


For our clients using a dual – monitor system AcuityMaster permits moving (undocking) of the software/control bar to be moved to the monitor that is closet. In this way, the operator has full access to the menu and options that AcuityMaster provides, without the need squint to see the menu on the monitor that is 15-20 feet away!
In addition, we have a USB-controlled foot pedal that our pediatric practics might utilize in order to toggle the video fixation.