Thank you for your interest in AcuityMaster.


Our windows-based digital acuity (snellen optotypes) software is available for immediate purchase.

Our software was developed in a multispecialty ophthalmology and optometrist setting. AcuityMaster  permits you efficiently assess visual acuity and refract your patients in a precise, robust, yet affordable solution. If you’re still checking visual acuity with a snellen only projector rather than a computer eye chart with a myriad of optotypes and settings that only a computerized visual acuity system can provide, such as ETDRS, contrast sensitivity, worth-dot four test.

Please download evaluation software and confirm it works to your satisfaction.

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  • Our digital visual acuity software requires a license for EACH physical location/address. This initial license permits AcuityMaster to run on a single workstation; the price for the initial workstation is $1200.00. 
  • Licensing is per location/physical address
  • Each additional workstation (licensed and operating at the same address/location) is $400.00

What do you get?

  • Free upgrades for 12 months from date of purchase; our software has LIVE UPDATE feature built in to automatically confirm that you have the most current version!
  • Please download and install the fully functional evaluation software to test for your individual needs.
  • Keyboards, remote controls and pedal options are all separate.


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